Error(s) Identified: Letters and Mailings Module

Hello all,

We’ve identified an error in the letters and mailing module in Connect. In short, the folders containing the various letters do not open when you click on them.  We have notified Hobsons of this problem and hope to hear back from them soon.

In the meantime, you can work around this issue by pressing the ‘expand all’ link at the top of the folder list or by using the search bar. For some reason, these two methods continue to work.  My suggestion is to use the ‘expand all’ link as it has the same effect as opening all the folders.


Improvement: New Inquiry Forms Are Live!

Hello All,

Our new inquiry forms are now live. Some of the new features include:

  1. Our new forms provide sophisticated tracking capabilities so that we are able to see what percentage of visitors from different sources (google ads, search engine query, sites that link to us) end up inquiring about a program.
  2. Data backup. We store information on inquiries not just in Hobsons, but also in a local database.
  3. Customized questions, for example:
    1. Applying for MAIS?  Then you’ll able be able to select summer start terms.
    2. A prospective undergraduate?  Then we will need to know when you graduated high school.
  4. Unique thank you pages.  Currently, inquiries will be sent to an Undergraduate, Graduate, or Adult Studies thank you pages – but this can be further delineated to MBA/Nursing/MCAA etc to provide custom information to inquiring students.

I encourage you to visit the new inquiry form, submit one using ‘’ for your program and let’s us know what you think.


New Hobsons Support Contact

Hello All,

I wanted to let everyone know that day to day management of Hobsons is being transitioned to Trusted Technical Solutions. The primary point of contact for Hobsons requests will be Tim Hardin from this point forward.  The best way to reach Tim with requests is via e-mail at

As the transition takes place, there may be times that you will hear from either Tim or I.  My role with Hobsons going forward is still being sorted out currently, but I’ll let you know what (if any) I’ll be doing with Hobsons in the future.

Daylight Savings Time Bridging Error

Hello All,
It appears that there has been an interruption in the data flow between Hobsons and BANNER which is most likely caused by the change in daylight savings time.

Last Fall, we saw this behavior as well. For some reason, it appears that the BANNER servers are not adjusting with DST changes.

I’ll work with Jon on this. I expect it to be resolved within the day.

New Inquiry & Application System: Customizations Needed

This post is of high importance.

If you are a graduate/adult studies program counselor, please submit any questions that you would like to appear on your specific application as soon as possible. One of the major improvements in the new system is the ability to quickly develop unique applications for each program.

Please send this information to

New Inquiry & Application System: Internal Testing Live

This post is of high importance.

Work on the new inquiry and application system is nearing completion and it is time do to internal testing.  I have made a test inquiry form available at and a test graduate application at

Please visit these pages at least 3 times using different information to help identify any bugs that may be in the system.  The only thing that should stay the same is the e-mail address you enter, which should always be  Once you submit your test form(s), you should be taken to a thank you page.  If you arrive there, then you’ve been successfully added to Hobsons.  If something goes wrong, please take a picture of the error screen and e-mail it to me.

I hope to complete all testing this week.  Once any bugs have been identified and fixed, we will create the undergraduate and adult studies applications.

Your Input Please: Address 1/2 Fields for High Schools and Colleges

Is there any reason that we need to collect the specific addresses of high schools and prior colleges? It appears to me that having the city, state, and name are sufficient and the app isn’t playing nice with those fields.

Please respond within the next two days.


Application Fee Language Removed from Online App

I’ve removed the language on the pre-submission screens from the online applications that referenced paying an application fee. It has been reported this language was causing confusion for some of our applicants since we are not charging an application fee currently.

We will be re-instituting the application fee after the launch of our new application.

New Bulk Edits: Reapplying Students

I’ve create a couple of new automatic edit procedures to clean-up some issues that we have been having with people who re-apply in Hobsons.

In short, when a student applies who has previously applied, certain portions of their old data will be erased. This includes all of the dates fields that affect stage setting (app submit date, cancel date, deposit date, etc) and academic award information.

Previously, these dates were not being reset and could cause problems for our friends in other departments and negatively affect which communications a student would receive.

Update on Banner Bridging Error

I believe that we have solved the majority (perhaps the entirety) of the latest Banner bridging issue. If anyone encounters any files that are not receiving an e-number from Banner in the future, please notify me immediately.