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Inquiry System Error on Older Versions of Firefox Browser

We have identified an error in the inquiry system.

When using an older version(s) of Firefox browers, a user may have difficulty submitting the form because start term options are not being loaded corrected under certain circumstances.

We are looking into this situation and have the following suggestions for workarounds in the meantime.

  1. Since the problem appears to be isolated to older Firefox browsers, visiters can either (1) upgrade their Firefox browser and then submit the form or (2) use any other web browser.
  2. The problem only appears to be triggered when a student changes a major interest after having already selected one.  A user should be able to reload the page, select the major they have decided, and be able to submit the form.
Please let us know if these workarounds to do not work for you or if you are encountering this problem in any other web browser.

New Features on the Online Inquiry System

There are some new features of our online inquiry system that I would like everyone to be aware of.

  1. The system checks for duplicates in Hobsons.
    • If a matching record is found, then it is updated.
    • If no matching record is found, a new one is created.
    • A ‘matching record’ is one that has the same first name and e-mail address as the inquiry being submitted.
  2. Upon inquiry submission, the student immediately receives an e-mail confirmation.  The message they receive is customized based on the program they are applying for.
  3. The system will also immediately notify the appropriate counselor (grad/adult programs) or (undergrad) upon submission.  This will allow our counselors to provide immediate follow-up on inquiries rather than waiting for the reports that they receive every morning from Hobsons.
    • It is still important that you still check the reports daily.  This is because not all inquiries come in via our online system and will therefore not be e-mailed to you directly.
I will be calling each of you today to make sure that the system is working correctly for your program.  You can see an example of the messages sent out from the system below.

Improvement: New Inquiry Forms Are Live!

Hello All,

Our new inquiry forms are now live. Some of the new features include:

  1. Our new forms provide sophisticated tracking capabilities so that we are able to see what percentage of visitors from different sources (google ads, search engine query, sites that link to us) end up inquiring about a program.
  2. Data backup. We store information on inquiries not just in Hobsons, but also in a local database.
  3. Customized questions, for example:
    1. Applying for MAIS?  Then you’ll able be able to select summer start terms.
    2. A prospective undergraduate?  Then we will need to know when you graduated high school.
  4. Unique thank you pages.  Currently, inquiries will be sent to an Undergraduate, Graduate, or Adult Studies thank you pages – but this can be further delineated to MBA/Nursing/MCAA etc to provide custom information to inquiring students.

I encourage you to visit the new inquiry form, submit one using ‘’ for your program and let’s us know what you think.


New Inquiry & Application System: Customizations Needed

This post is of high importance.

If you are a graduate/adult studies program counselor, please submit any questions that you would like to appear on your specific application as soon as possible. One of the major improvements in the new system is the ability to quickly develop unique applications for each program.

Please send this information to

New Inquiry & Application System: Internal Testing Live

This post is of high importance.

Work on the new inquiry and application system is nearing completion and it is time do to internal testing.  I have made a test inquiry form available at and a test graduate application at

Please visit these pages at least 3 times using different information to help identify any bugs that may be in the system.  The only thing that should stay the same is the e-mail address you enter, which should always be  Once you submit your test form(s), you should be taken to a thank you page.  If you arrive there, then you’ve been successfully added to Hobsons.  If something goes wrong, please take a picture of the error screen and e-mail it to me.

I hope to complete all testing this week.  Once any bugs have been identified and fixed, we will create the undergraduate and adult studies applications.