Adjustments in Counselor Assignment Settings

Thanks to those who have provided feedback on the new counselor assignment settings.  Over the next couple of days, we’ll be rolling out a few tweaks to the settings to improve counselor assignment matching.

  • Updated ABSN filter to require CUA market segment type.
  • Up to this point, there was not a clear hierarchy in the system regarding which counselor assignment should take priority when a student was a member of multiple groups (i.e. a transferring recruited athlete in a church work program).  Going forward:
    • Students in church work programs will be assigned to Emily regardless of Recruited Athlete or Transfer status.
    • Recruited Athletes (who are not in a church work program) will be assigned to Doug regardless of other status (Freshmen, Transfer, etc).
  • Added Market Segment type restrictions to the International_US counselor setting filter.  This will prevent CUA/Grad international applicants from being assigned to the undergraduate international counselor (Minerva).
  • Adding a citizenship requirement for all domestic counselor setting filters.
Please continue to notify us at if you see students in your lists that don’t seem to belong.



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