New Undergrad Dashboard Available

Hello Team,

A new undergraduate dashboard ‘Undergrad Applicants by Admissions Counselor’ is now available.  Undergraduate counselors can use this dashboard to track the progress of their students in the enrollment funnel.

Each counselor has his/her own report on the dashboard.  You can find yours by looking at the report title (which appears pretty small in Hobsons; it is located above each report).  The reports break out applicants by their stage and entry term.  These reports replace the one that used to be located at the bottom of the ‘Enrollment Goals (Admissions Only)’ dashboard.

Data is currently being loaded into the dashboards.   This means that if you check it out now, your numbers will probably be off.  Throughout the afternoon and evening, the system will be updating records with the new counselors codes.  By the time you arrive tomorrow, the data should be good.

Please let us know if something doesn’t look right or your have suggestions.  You can let Veronica, Tim, or myself know if you have any suggestions or problems.




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