Improvement: New Inquiry Forms Are Live!

Hello All,

Our new inquiry forms are now live. Some of the new features include:

  1. Our new forms provide sophisticated tracking capabilities so that we are able to see what percentage of visitors from different sources (google ads, search engine query, sites that link to us) end up inquiring about a program.
  2. Data backup. We store information on inquiries not just in Hobsons, but also in a local database.
  3. Customized questions, for example:
    1. Applying for MAIS?  Then you’ll able be able to select summer start terms.
    2. A prospective undergraduate?  Then we will need to know when you graduated high school.
  4. Unique thank you pages.  Currently, inquiries will be sent to an Undergraduate, Graduate, or Adult Studies thank you pages – but this can be further delineated to MBA/Nursing/MCAA etc to provide custom information to inquiring students.

I encourage you to visit the new inquiry form, submit one using ‘’ for your program and let’s us know what you think.



About Michael Dunn

Father, Artist, Programmer, Data analyst.

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