New Inquiry & Application System: Internal Testing Live

This post is of high importance.

Work on the new inquiry and application system is nearing completion and it is time do to internal testing.  I have made a test inquiry form available at and a test graduate application at

Please visit these pages at least 3 times using different information to help identify any bugs that may be in the system.  The only thing that should stay the same is the e-mail address you enter, which should always be  Once you submit your test form(s), you should be taken to a thank you page.  If you arrive there, then you’ve been successfully added to Hobsons.  If something goes wrong, please take a picture of the error screen and e-mail it to me.

I hope to complete all testing this week.  Once any bugs have been identified and fixed, we will create the undergraduate and adult studies applications.


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  1. Mike, I filled it out but I think you should make some changes. In the phone field I originally put a dash between the phone numbers and then I realized that I need a period. This is not what people are used to. I think a dash would be better. Also, what is the place of birth needed for? thanks.

    • Thanks Faith. I’ll take your suggestion regarding the telephone format into advisement. The birthdate field is there to help identify applicants so that we avoid the creation of duplicate entries.

  2. Mike, when I clicked on the graduate application form, it asked me a bit more information but then when I hit submit, it took me to the same response page as the inquiry form. Also for the MAIS when it asked when you wnat to start I don’t want all those options. I just want summer options

    • Thanks Faith. Right now both pages do go to the same thank you page, but this is just for testing purposes. We will have unique thank you pages once we go live. Regarding the summer options only – thank you, I’ll figure out a way to filter those.

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