Bridge Malfunctioning Update

Dear Friends,

We have been experiencing a number of errors with the Connect->Banner bridge this week.  I believe that Jon and I have placed the necessary fixes in place to resolve the problems and prevent their future occurrence.

While I will be manually running the processes that did not work last night, various individuals or departments may need to do some clean-up on records stemming from the errors that occurred earlier in the week since the current bridge does not have an efficient way to do data reloading on records more than one day old.

If you encounter any errors with the bridge tomorrow, please let me know immediately. 

P.S. Please note that these errors are not related to the current request from the School of Professional Studies regarding Nursing students being classified as ‘D’ rather than ‘E’ student types in Banner.  That may or may not be a bridge issue and I will be looking into that as soon as possible.


Moving On

Dear Friends,

I wanted to let you know that I have accepted an employment offer at another University and that my last day at Concordia will be next Friday, the 19th.  Between now and then, I’ll be training Veronica on how to use this blog as she will be taking over the blog after I go.

I’ll plan on stopping by sometime next week to say goodbye to all of you.

My best wishes,


Inquiry System Error on Older Versions of Firefox Browser

We have identified an error in the inquiry system.

When using an older version(s) of Firefox browers, a user may have difficulty submitting the form because start term options are not being loaded corrected under certain circumstances.

We are looking into this situation and have the following suggestions for workarounds in the meantime.

  1. Since the problem appears to be isolated to older Firefox browsers, visiters can either (1) upgrade their Firefox browser and then submit the form or (2) use any other web browser.
  2. The problem only appears to be triggered when a student changes a major interest after having already selected one.  A user should be able to reload the page, select the major they have decided, and be able to submit the form.
Please let us know if these workarounds to do not work for you or if you are encountering this problem in any other web browser.

Adjustments in Counselor Assignment Settings

Thanks to those who have provided feedback on the new counselor assignment settings.  Over the next couple of days, we’ll be rolling out a few tweaks to the settings to improve counselor assignment matching.

  • Updated ABSN filter to require CUA market segment type.
  • Up to this point, there was not a clear hierarchy in the system regarding which counselor assignment should take priority when a student was a member of multiple groups (i.e. a transferring recruited athlete in a church work program).  Going forward:
    • Students in church work programs will be assigned to Emily regardless of Recruited Athlete or Transfer status.
    • Recruited Athletes (who are not in a church work program) will be assigned to Doug regardless of other status (Freshmen, Transfer, etc).
  • Added Market Segment type restrictions to the International_US counselor setting filter.  This will prevent CUA/Grad international applicants from being assigned to the undergraduate international counselor (Minerva).
  • Adding a citizenship requirement for all domestic counselor setting filters.
Please continue to notify us at if you see students in your lists that don’t seem to belong.


New Features on the Online Inquiry System

There are some new features of our online inquiry system that I would like everyone to be aware of.

  1. The system checks for duplicates in Hobsons.
    • If a matching record is found, then it is updated.
    • If no matching record is found, a new one is created.
    • A ‘matching record’ is one that has the same first name and e-mail address as the inquiry being submitted.
  2. Upon inquiry submission, the student immediately receives an e-mail confirmation.  The message they receive is customized based on the program they are applying for.
  3. The system will also immediately notify the appropriate counselor (grad/adult programs) or (undergrad) upon submission.  This will allow our counselors to provide immediate follow-up on inquiries rather than waiting for the reports that they receive every morning from Hobsons.
    • It is still important that you still check the reports daily.  This is because not all inquiries come in via our online system and will therefore not be e-mailed to you directly.
I will be calling each of you today to make sure that the system is working correctly for your program.  You can see an example of the messages sent out from the system below.

Adjustments to Undergraduate Counselor Territories

Hello All,
It appears that during the updating of counselor settings in Hobsons, some of the territories got a little tweaked.  I’m going to address this and they should be fixed over night.

After tomorrow morning, if you notice people who you think 1) don’t belong to you but are on your lists, or (2) do belong to you but aren’t on your list – please let us know at

New E-mail Address for CRM Support

This post is of high importance.

Hello team,
Starting immediately, we now have two support e-mail addresses, one for the CRM team and one for the Web team.


New Undergrad Dashboard Available

Hello Team,

A new undergraduate dashboard ‘Undergrad Applicants by Admissions Counselor’ is now available.  Undergraduate counselors can use this dashboard to track the progress of their students in the enrollment funnel.

Each counselor has his/her own report on the dashboard.  You can find yours by looking at the report title (which appears pretty small in Hobsons; it is located above each report).  The reports break out applicants by their stage and entry term.  These reports replace the one that used to be located at the bottom of the ‘Enrollment Goals (Admissions Only)’ dashboard.

Data is currently being loaded into the dashboards.   This means that if you check it out now, your numbers will probably be off.  Throughout the afternoon and evening, the system will be updating records with the new counselors codes.  By the time you arrive tomorrow, the data should be good.

Please let us know if something doesn’t look right or your have suggestions.  You can let Veronica, Tim, or myself know if you have any suggestions or problems.



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Counselor Settings/Attributes Undergoing Upgrade

Hello All,

We’re currently perform some upgrades on the counselor related attributes in Connect.  You may see some strange behavior on counselor related data as we do this.  I expect these changes will be completed by Wednesday afternoon if not sooner.

I’ll keep you informed.